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This panel has 3 touch sensors with the following sounds:
• Cuckoo (individual)
• Tick-toc, tic-toc
• Cuckoo (random number - for the children to count and set the clock hands to)

This play panel also includes:
• Moving hour and minute hands
• Stainless steel touch-sensor activation
• Ultra-reliable commercial grade electronics
• Water-proof marine grade speaker
• Tough, steel, water-resistant enclosure for electronics
• Unpluggable components for easy maintenance
• Long-life, easy to change batteries

The PlayTronic Counting Cuckoo Clock is a fantastic fun panel combining the traditional moving hands clock with some simple electronic sounds that will give the children many hours of fun. It doesn't finish there though, because while pressing the "tic-toc" or the "cuckoo" sensors will give some playful sounds from the panel, the 3rd sensor actually plays back a random number of "cuckoo's" for the children to count and then set the clock hands to the corresponding time.

In 1 panel you have:
A traditional moving hands clock to tell the time,
Fun noises that younger children and babies will engage with,
And you have counting skills up to 12

Counting Cuckoo Clock Panel

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