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The Scientific Gears Play Panel features 3 sets of gears including high and low ratio gears and the addition of a small idler gear on the third set. The gears themselves have been reengineered to mesh more smoothly and they also run on stainless steel sealed bearings, so the action is very nice.
There is an infomation panel which gives the children some experiments to think about and a Results and Observations dry wipe board insert to record the data.
All the mechanics are safely located behing shatter-proof polycarbonate windows.

Product Features
• HDPE panel construction
• High, low and idler gear ratios
• New smooth rotating stainless steel bearings
• Polycarbonate protective windows
• Printed insert with experiment ideas
• Results and Observations dry wipe board insert
• Large 1200 x 800mm panel format
• Recycled plastic posts also available

Scientific Gears Play Panel

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