3 in a Row Game Play Panel

Try and get 3 in a row before your opponent with this sliding counters game. A fun and entertaining game for children to play during break times.
The 3 in a Row Game Play Panel has a total of 16 movable red and yellow sliding discs that glide effortlessly around the panel. Constructed from HDPE panel, the product features sliding game pieces and can be wall or post mounted. The discs slide in tracks so there are no loose pieces to worry about going missing or to put away and get out again each day.

Order Code
Black/White main panel with Red and Yellow sliding discs
FIROW6 800x595mm 3-in-a-Row Play Panel

Product Features

  • Two Colour High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Sliding game pieces
  • No loose pieces to worry about losing
  • Can be wall or post mounted
  • 595 x 800 x 28mm
  • Larger 4-in-a-Row also available
  • Recycled plastic posts also available
  • Total weight: 8.7kg

As these products are manufactured on a “Per Order” basis by our UK partner, delivery times may vary from four to six weeks.

755.00 (including VAT)

Price stated for this product relates to size 800 X 595mm. Please enquire directly for price on larger size

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