How tall are you – Lighthouse Play Panel

Water’s getting choppy! Quickly measure yourself before the tide becomes too high with the Lighthouse Play Panel. These panels are fun and educational and can be manufactured in either 12.5mm for wall mounting or 19mm for attaching to posts.
Constructed from hard-wearing and durable HDPE, all graphics are engraved to withstand durability. Available in different thicknesses to suit application.

Order Code
FILIGHT12 600x2400x12.5mm How Tall Are You Lighthouse Panel
FILIGHT19600x2400x19mm How Tall Are You Lighthouse Panel

Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • Durable engraved graphics
  • Available in different thickness’ to suit application
  • Customizable colours, sizes and shapes

As these products are manufactured on a “Per Order” basis by our UK partner, delivery times may vary from four to six weeks.

490.00 (including VAT)

Price stated for this product relates to size 800 X 595mm. Please enquire directly for price on larger size

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