Maze Battle Play Panel

The Maze Battle Panel is a race to the finish against your opponent through identical mazes. Race again and keep score with the sliding counters.
The Maze Battle Panel is supports the development of eye-hand co-ordination and problem solving skills. Two players turn the discs to navigate their ball through each maze. First to the end wins a point, first to 5 points wins the match. Made from tough, durable, and safe HDPE which is 100% recyclable. BS EN 1176 – Designed to British & European Standards.

Order Code

Orange/White main panel with Blue and Yellow maze discs
FIMZBA6 800x595mm Maze Battle Play Panel
FIMZBA6-AL-WP 800x595mm Maze Battle Panel with Alu Posts
FIMZBA3 1200x800mm Maze Battle Panel
FIMZBA3-AL-WP 1200x800mm Maze Battle Panel with Alu Posts

Product Features

  • Tactile and visually stimulating
  • Supports eye-hand co-ordination
  • Rotating maze discs
  • Value for money 15mm HDPE construction
  • Available with aluminium t-slot posts
  • Combine panels to create custom layouts
  • 100% recyclable

As these products are manufactured on a “Per Order” basis by our UK partner, delivery times may vary from four to six weeks.

690.00 (including VAT)

Price stated for this product relates to size 800 X 595mm. Please enquire directly for price on larger size

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