PlayTronic Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel

The Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel is a compact sized version of the popular Fairground Sideshow Panel. This game is easy to play and can generate a lot of competition between children to reach the highest score.
The game features a “beep, beep, beeeep” count in sequence to start the game, then the LED lights illuminate and flash in a random sequence, touch the lights to turn them off and hear fun sounds such as ducks quacking, tins tumbling and bottles smashing while you are playing the game. Touch as many as you can in the time limit and at the end of the game the score will be displayed as 1-8 LEDs on the central LED light sensor unit. Constructed from HDPE, the product features LED lights and a sounds panel with stainless steel sensor pads. All electronics are ultra-reliable and are of commercial grade and come with a three year guarantee.

Order Code
Brown/Beige main panel with multi-coloured plant-ons
FIPTTINCAN6 800x595mm PlayTronic Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel
FIPTTINCAN3 1200x800mm PlayTronic Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel

Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • LED lights and sound reactions game
  • Polycarbonate LED light lenses
  • Stainless steel sensor pads
  • Global product with NO narration
  • Fun sounds for play feedback
  • Ultra-reliable commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
  • Posts also available

As these products are manufactured on a “Per Order” basis by our UK partner, delivery times may vary from four to six weeks.

1,830.00 (including VAT)

Price stated for this product relates to size 800 X 595mm. Please enquire directly for price on larger size

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