Wall Target Ring (individual)

How many sets of 100 points can you score? Choose your ball and shoot through the hoop to score as many points as you can.
Wall Target Ring (individual) Individual rings in random colours and with 20, 50 and 100 scores. Great school or public playground activity. Constructed from HDPE, all graphics are engraved with customisable colours, sizes and shapes. Available individually or in a full set.

Order Code
Red/Yellow 10 and 50 Ring, Green/Yellow 25 and 75 Ring, Blue/Yellow 100 Ring
FITARGETRING-10 Target Ring 10

Product Features

  • HDPE construction
  • Durable engraved graphics
  • Customizable colours, sizes and shapes
  • Available individually or in a full set

As these products are manufactured on a “Per Order” basis by our UK partner, delivery times may vary from four to six weeks.

90.00 (including VAT)

Price stated for this product relates to size 800 X 595mm. Please enquire directly for price on larger size

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